Our Services

Marketing Communications Strategy

Businesses can't thrive without one. A sound marketing communications strategy designed to meet your business objectives is the best navigational tool for achieving brand success. Without one, your business meanders and loses traction.

Public Relations

Public relations can mean many things. We define it as achieving exposure for a company or service line for the purpose of persuading or influencing others to have a positive view of your image, idea, point of view, product or service with objective to generate action in your favor.

Whether it is targeted towards your internal audience (employees, partners) or external audience (customers, stakeholders), the tools are often the same: message development, public speaking, winning industry awards, promotional incentives, white papers, issues management and crisis communications.

Writing/Content Development

Who has time? We do. And we have the talent. Sometimes writing is all you need. Whether it's for websites, collateral material, press releases, ad copy, white papers, guest articles, etc., we can turn it around in no time.

Media Relations

News organizations have changed. We have changed to meet their need, but the goal of our media relations is the same − to maximize positive coverage in the mass media without paying for it directly through advertising. And, in times of crisis, we help mitigate the impact of negative press.

Traditional and Electronic Advertising

Print advertising, direct marketing, collateral and promotional materials are valuable tools in certain strategic situations. We create these tools to meet specific needs, and do so with careful attention to the target audience and purpose, and with an eye towards adaptability to the electronic world.

Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Getting noticed and followed in the interactive world puts you in a better position to reach the new age customer. We get your business up and running in the social media and mobile marketing world that get you noticed and help drive your business.


Defining who you are, what you do and what distinguishes you in your market – and doing it succinctly− are fundamentals to gaining market share. We create branding materials that graphically and through the written word− differentiate your business from competitors. Then we communicate your brand − name, identity system and messaging platform − through targeted marketing campaigns.


Face it. Your website is the expression of who you are to the outside world. It must be concise, appealing to look at, easy to navigate and, just as important, easily searchable and optimized to attract qualified traffic. We design and program websites with navigability and SEO in mind, and we host and connect them to the system or software you chose.

Selling through Education - Webinars, Seminars

What better way to reach and convert than to provide your customer a learning experience that ties to your product or service! Whether it's a webinar, white paper or educational event held in collaboration with a trade publication, we help strategize, organize and present events that put you in front of your target customer like no paid ad, direct mail or website visit can do.

Sales Promotion

Stimulating product or service interest, trial, or purchase is the first step to gaining a sale and increasing ROI. We work with clients to plan and execute communications activities that provide added value or incentives to consumers, wholesalers, retailers, or other customers to stimulate immediate sales.